Walmart Fall Beauty Box!

Got my Walmart beauty box last week - and my mom's cat Casper was excited too! Sign up to get your seasonal beauty box for Free - you just pay $5 shipping. So you get 4 boxes a year for $20. This was actually their 1st ever - for Fall 2014.. so I expect they may get even better as time goes on. From what I just saw online, there were 2 versions of the box. I am pretty happy with what I got. 

1. Neutrogena foundation samples. I don't really care for this one, because all you get is a swipe to see what color you wear. There was also a $2 coupon though, so that is nice.

2. Nicki Minaj perfume sample. I used this and it actually smells pretty good! My mom said it was strong, but she is sensitive to smells and perfumes. Just be careful not to pour it out, it pours out fast.

3. Dark Cover Girl Nail Polish - love this! Perfect for Fall & Halloween. And, I actually just had a green CG color on, and it stayed for 2 weeks! That is crazy for me, so if this is that par of quality, I will definitely get some use out of it.

4. L'Oreal Glossy Balm chubby lipstick/ lip gloss stick. I love how this feels and stays, but the color I got was too dark and pink. I usually stick to lighter colors for my lips, but I can put a light pink lipstick on top of this and it will be nice to wear out.

5. L'Oreal Pore Vanisher cream sample. Small sample, I haven't tried it yet. I will probably try it, but this is not something I would buy for my routine. If they gave a small tube or jar I would be more likely to try it for an extended amount of time.

6. Dove Macadamia Nut Dry Oil Treatment. I love this sample because it is in a tube, I can use and save some, and it smells good too.

7. Dove Shampoo & Conditioner travel sizes. These are great to take on a trip!
8. Dove Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant This sounds funny, but this is probably my favorite product in the box. Sorry I didn't take a picture of it outside the box, but it is a perfect size deodorant with a new shape, and is perfect for travel or just to use when your current one runs out.

I read that the other box version included a CoverGirl lipstick, same deodorant, Juicy perfume sample, packets of shampoo and conditioner to try once, olay cream trial size, and loreal cream trial size. Kind of different - but I feel they should have put 1 of the creams in the box I got since that box got 2? I think my box was better, but I do like their face cream and lipstick vs. the foundation and primer small packet samples. I will use most of this no problem!

Great box for only $5, considering there was a whole stick of deodorant, a full size lip "chubby stick", nail polish, and shampoo/conditioner travel set.

Did you get the Walmart box this month?
If not, will you be signing up?


Pumpkin Patch & Fall Fashion Fun!

Went to a pumpkin patch last week with my girlfriend Haley and her kids! It made me feel like it was finally Fall! We had some delicious pizza and PUMPKIN cheesecake, then checked out the pumpkin patch. 

Jacey was too tired to ride the rides, but she is just always so funny :P

Love this family, they are so cute & sweet!

Haley - the beautiful girl who introduced me to temporary hair extensions!

Here is me - happy to be out with a great friend, enjoying the day :)

What do you like to do to kick off the fall season?
Will you carve a pumpkin this year?


CVS Coupon Haul - Money Maker!

Did my 1st CVS haul today with my mom!! See below - I got 2 - 2L bottles of coke, 2 bottles of fiber creamer, a bottle of water, and a lubricant gel - and it was a MONEY MAKER! I got paid $4.50 after coupons and CVS Extra Care Bucks Rebates! I am addicted - this is fun! 

Do you have any couponing tips? 


Adventures in Couponing!

Happy MIMM!

As I am on disability and trying to get in the habit of blogging and doing hobbies again, my mom and I decided to try our luck in COUPONING a little bit this week! We had some busts and successes - I am excited to learn more.

Here are the goods that we got deals on:

Dollar Tree: Saved $2.50 - (got 2 freebies)! With tax, saved 57%
So, I read on so many blogs about couponing that you can get a lot of freebies on brand name items at the Dollar Tree, because so many products offer $1 off coupons.. and I got excited! Turns out that when we went to our local store, there weren't too many of these products available to us. At least we saved $2 - got 2 free items = the trident gum and the toothpaste! Better than nothing.

Walmart: Saved $9.75 - 29.78% savings Had  coupons for the scrubbin bubbles, starbucks drink, dawn dish soap, baby wipes, peanuts, juicy fruit, magazine, nut butter sample, and foundation. I also used Walmart's savings catcher app, which will be giving us a little over $4 back.

    I also bought these 3 cute black & white accordian folders below from Dollar Tree to organize some of my coupons in from now on. And I got the binder & baseball card clear sleeves from Walmart. I don't want to spend a lot of money on organizing, because I feel like that defeats the purpose until I have saved a lot of money couponing 1st!

    I spent Friday night organizing, so I tried another trip with my Mom on Saturday to Target. Here is what we got - 2 boxes of tampons, 3 bottles of detergent, 1 bag of dish pods, 1 container of cleaning wipes, egg beaters and 3 axe deodarant bonus packs.

    Target = $52.59 worth of product for $4.09!!! We used printed, newspaper, and target coupons, plus we got gift cards back, a rebate on the dish pods, and the target 5% off with red card. 92% savings!! Now that was fun!

    Do you coupon?
    Do you have any tips for this newcomer? 


    Graze.com Snack Subscription Box Review!

    Try a Graze.com Snack Subscription Box today! CLICK HERE & use code: L67X64D7P

    My mom and I tried the following from this box:

    lime flavored raisins, sponge pieces, mini meringues and green raisins
    Our review - OK. The meringues and sponge pieces didn't have much taste. 
    Raisins were good, though. 

    salt and vinegar almonds and peanuts
    These were good! Not too salty or vinegary tasting. 
    The peanuts were really big and tasty. 

    red onion marmalade with cheese and chive oatbakes
    We are too afraid to try this one. 
    I will probably give it to my Dad. 
    I would rather have a sweet jam vs. a savory one. 

    pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate buttons and cranberries
    This was the best snack in the box. 
    I love pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries.. 
    but the big dark chocolate buttons were delicious! 

    Have you or will you try a Graze.com snack box or subscription?
    Are there any other snack subscription boxes that you have tried or would recommend?



    I have a new FAV JEANS find!! So excited.

    I have been a loyal 7FAM - 7 For All Mankind jeans buyer since the early 2000s, during college, when well made designer jeans were really becoming a trend. The 7 jeans have always fit me really well - not to low or high on the waist, perfect where I am "hippy", good lengths, and amazing quality. Size 27 was perfect for me for a long time - 26 when I was feeling skinny, and 28 probably during the holidays :P.. So I haven't bought new jeans in a while - I have been wearing the same holey Lucky Brand jeans all year, and I love them, but I couldn't really find another pair that I liked at the Lucky Store. They are similar to these Charlie Skinny Lucky Jeans.

    I went to Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago, tried on a few pairs of jeans on a whim, and found a new best friend named PAIGE. The color and texture and stretch is so perfect. The length is perfect for me at 5'2.5", and I just love them so much. They retail around $179 - which I would never spend on a pair of jeans. I really refuse to pay retail whenever possible, especially on clothing. They had a 30% off sale that day, so with tax, I think I paid around $130.. and will of course earn points on my Nordstrom Visa. Aren't they beautiful?!

    Here are some links to the same jeans I found on other websites:

    The name of the jeans is PAIGE Verdugo Ultra Skinny - Mid Rise - Ultra Skinny, the Nottingham color. I am a little on the thin side right now, since I have been ill this year - but the jeans have a good stretch, so I think the 26 should be perfect for a while. They also keep their shape really well - as I have seen, and as the sales clerk informed me. I almost don't want to wash them yet! They are already so luxuriously soft.

    Then - this past weekend, I happened to be cruising a Nordstrom Rack (heaven) - and randomly found a black pair!! Size 26 - perfect fit again - Black Dahlia color, and a 55% savings for $79.99!! Used Nordy card, so will get points for that too. Here is the same pair at Bloomies:

    So, anyways - you're welcome.
    Had to brag and share! I love a good pair of fabulous jeans!

    Have you tried PAIGE? 
    What are your favorite jeans?


    Julep Nail Polish - FREE BOX offer for Halloween!

    Check this freebie out! I just signed up to get mine! I love some fun nails for Halloween & Fall.
    Julep Nail Polish - FREE BOX offer for Halloween:

    Julep nail polish has a great offer for Halloween - a FREE BOX - retails for $24.99 and is advertised to be $100 in value - you just pay $2.99 for shipping.  Click here to signup: https://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/1403013/
    Add "Trick or Treat Mystery Box" to your shopping cart, then use the promo code FREETREATS - to get your free box by mail this month.

    Disclosure - You are signing up after this 1st box, but you will be emailed on 10/20 with a preview of the next box. At this time, you need to cancel your subscription if you don't want to pay or recieve any more product, but calling 877-651-3292 by 10/24, to avoid being charged on 10/27.

    Did you sign up? Let me know!
    What are you doing for Halloween this year?

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