Smart Shopping!

Wanted to brag about some smart shopping I did last weekend! I spent $2 for $57 worth of the stuff below!! My goal was to go to the mall and not buy anything I didn't come in for. Success!! Here is how you do it: 
  • Join the Victorias Secret Angel program to get email and mail deals. Between my mom and I (she doesn't buy their panties) - I usually can score a free pair of panties valued at $8-12 each month or every other month. 
  • Same with Bath and Body Works - sign up to get email and mail offers, and they usually mail percentage discount cards every month or so - to get some dollars off. On the Facebook page this month, there was a printable coupon to get a free shea body lotion that retails about $12, for free with any purchase. So I bought a hand sanitizer for $1.50. 
  • MAC Cosmetics has a super cool program called Back to Mac, in which you save your "empties" or empty makeup containers. When you have 6, you bring them in for recycling and get a free lipstick, that values around $16! So, I got 2.  

Then, I stopped at Target and, with the use of coupons, got everything below for around $4! 

It is a little time consuming sometimes to coupon or find deals, but I love saving money, so I think it is worth it! 

Did you take advantage of any of the deals above?
Do you know of any other crazy program I should join for rewards and discounts? 


Halloween Party & Costume

My friend's family threw a great Halloween party this year and I am fortunate that I was feeling well enough to attend with my friends. I tried to think of the cheapest costume I could throw together, and came up with Gemma Teller from Sons of Anarchy! 

I wore a Sons of Anarchy t-shirt so you could tell who I was - not just a random biker chick! haha - and I wore a push up bra to get into character too. I bought a brown wig at a Halloween store, and some cheap princess highlights at a party store. My dad actually helped me superglue them into the wig! I kind of styled it to look more like Gemma (Katey Segal) and to hide the fact that it was a wig more.  I used tons of silver jewelry that I had at home, and borrowed the blingy belt from my best friend Kimmie. I wore a studded purse from Target, some tight jeans, and some old Nine West leather boots that I donated to Goodwill the day after the party since they hurt so bad lol. I got a fake cigarette at the party store, and got a cheap fork that my mom painted with red nail polish for me! If you don't watch SOA, this was Gemma's big crazy evil murder weapon at the end of last season. It is pretty disgusting, but I thought it would be a funny touch to the costume. I had some temporary tattoos already and picked one that looked similar to her tattoo on her chest, and I used makeup to try and replicate the scar she has down the middle of her chest.  Here it is! :

The party was themed Villian or Hero? - so I was a Villian. Here are some fun photos that were taken with my friends and I:

I hadn't dressed up or gone to a party since 2004 in college! So, it was fun to do that again. 
Oh, here is a fun side by side of me and Gemma! I had fun not smiling and being in character all night! :P

Are you dressing up this year? Going to a party?
If you have kids, what are they going as?! 

Be safe out there!


Chemo Care Package

My mom and I put together a Chemo Care Package last week to send to my Aunt Bobbie Sue. I love her so much and I know how terrible chemo is 1st hand, so I thought it would just make her feel loved and to know we are constantly thinking of her. I did a lot of searching for ideas, so I just wanted to post mine here so anyone else can get ideas for their own gift. 

We got everything inside the box at Target, and the Hat Box at Michaels

Contents = 
  • "Thinking of You" Greeting Card
  • Cozy soft gloves, beanie and scarf - to keep her warm at home or at treatment 
  • Straws to make it easier to drink liquids lying down, and tissues for her purse or bag 
  • Jesus Calling Devotional book 
  • Hand Sanitizer (I went through tons of this) 
  • Eos lip balm and lotion for dry skin and chapped lips, 
  • Hard candies, butterscotch, tic tacs, salty cashews and dark chocolate for snacking and chemical mouth taste
  • Queasy Drops for nausea - these and Nauzene really helped me 
I know it is the least we can do, but I hope it will help her feel some comfort in this terrible time. She is an amazing woman, and deserves to have as little pain and emotional trauma as possible. Please keep her in our prayers. Thank you. 


Short short hair!

I chopped 5 inches off of my hair last weekend! After almost a year of turmoil and 3 months of chemo - my hair is very thin and different and just before I was going to my stylist to get my roots touched up, I started cruising Pinterest and looking at hair color I liked. I have always loved that beachy wavy look with browns blondes ombres and bayalage coloring. I noticed that everything I was pinning had something in common - the cuts were all pretty short! So, when I got to the salon, I asked my stylist what she thought, and before I knew it - my hair was 5" shorter! I felt so free!

I couldnt even look in the mirror until she was done! But I was happy when I did! Here is a side shot my stylist took: 

Here is another photo that I liked:

Here is the day afterwards, trying to curl it myself:

x: Shirt Forever 21 | Necklace Nordstrom

Then the day after that, when my mom and I went to watch a taping of The Voice!..:

x: Shirt Nordstrom | Necklace Pop Sugar | Lipstick Mac Diva  

I am excited to try new things with it! My ponytail is shorter, but I think my head will be held higher! It is the new Gretch! 

Have you ever chopped your locks off in a whim?
Do you have any suggestions for styling short hair?

Love you! 


Walmart Fall Beauty Box!

Got my Walmart beauty box last week - and my mom's cat Casper was excited too! Sign up to get your seasonal beauty box for Free - you just pay $5 shipping. So you get 4 boxes a year for $20. This was actually their 1st ever - for Fall 2014.. so I expect they may get even better as time goes on. From what I just saw online, there were 2 versions of the box. I am pretty happy with what I got. 

1. Neutrogena foundation samples. I don't really care for this one, because all you get is a swipe to see what color you wear. There was also a $2 coupon though, so that is nice.

2. Nicki Minaj perfume sample. I used this and it actually smells pretty good! My mom said it was strong, but she is sensitive to smells and perfumes. Just be careful not to pour it out, it pours out fast.

3. Dark Cover Girl Nail Polish - love this! Perfect for Fall & Halloween. And, I actually just had a green CG color on, and it stayed for 2 weeks! That is crazy for me, so if this is that par of quality, I will definitely get some use out of it.

4. L'Oreal Glossy Balm chubby lipstick/ lip gloss stick. I love how this feels and stays, but the color I got was too dark and pink. I usually stick to lighter colors for my lips, but I can put a light pink lipstick on top of this and it will be nice to wear out.

5. L'Oreal Pore Vanisher cream sample. Small sample, I haven't tried it yet. I will probably try it, but this is not something I would buy for my routine. If they gave a small tube or jar I would be more likely to try it for an extended amount of time.

6. Dove Macadamia Nut Dry Oil Treatment. I love this sample because it is in a tube, I can use and save some, and it smells good too.

7. Dove Shampoo & Conditioner travel sizes. These are great to take on a trip!
8. Dove Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant This sounds funny, but this is probably my favorite product in the box. Sorry I didn't take a picture of it outside the box, but it is a perfect size deodorant with a new shape, and is perfect for travel or just to use when your current one runs out.

I read that the other box version included a CoverGirl lipstick, same deodorant, Juicy perfume sample, packets of shampoo and conditioner to try once, olay cream trial size, and loreal cream trial size. Kind of different - but I feel they should have put 1 of the creams in the box I got since that box got 2? I think my box was better, but I do like their face cream and lipstick vs. the foundation and primer small packet samples. I will use most of this no problem!

Great box for only $5, considering there was a whole stick of deodorant, a full size lip "chubby stick", nail polish, and shampoo/conditioner travel set.

Did you get the Walmart box this month?
If not, will you be signing up?


Pumpkin Patch & Fall Fashion Fun!

Went to a pumpkin patch last week with my girlfriend Haley and her kids! It made me feel like it was finally Fall! We had some delicious pizza and PUMPKIN cheesecake, then checked out the pumpkin patch. 

Jacey was too tired to ride the rides, but she is just always so funny :P

Love this family, they are so cute & sweet!

Haley - the beautiful girl who introduced me to temporary hair extensions!

Here is me - happy to be out with a great friend, enjoying the day :)

What do you like to do to kick off the fall season?
Will you carve a pumpkin this year?


CVS Coupon Haul - Money Maker!

Did my 1st CVS haul today with my mom!! See below - I got 2 - 2L bottles of coke, 2 bottles of fiber creamer, a bottle of water, and a lubricant gel - and it was a MONEY MAKER! I got paid $4.50 after coupons and CVS Extra Care Bucks Rebates! I am addicted - this is fun! 

Do you have any couponing tips? 

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